Amplitude Grant Program

Guidelines and Opportunities

Amplitude is a canary network of its sister blockchain, Pendulum. It will act as a testing ground and new frontier for developing applications and network parameters for Pendulum. Unlike a traditional testnet, users can interact on the Amplitude chain with real financial consequences. We’re expecting lots of novel concepts to be trialed on Amplitude, giving rise to many exciting opportunities for anyone using the chain.

Projects we're looking to fund

We give out grants to projects that translate any popular EVM protocol & service to WebAssembly (”Wasm”) for the Substrate-based Amplitude parachain.

EVM → Wasm Translations

Innovative dApps & Services

For example (but not limited to):

  • Bridges → trust-minimized bridges to networks with stable tokens
  • Trustless fiat price oracle → services that remove the oracle as a single-point-of-trust
  • Transaction privacy → optional transactional privacy features
  • Tooling for Wasm smart contracts → something like the Truffle Suite for Wasm
A list of projects we're looking to fund
General purpose AMM
General purpose AMM is one of the most critical element in DeFi. We would like to see if someone could either develop an AMM with unique offering or rewrite one of the popular open-source AMMs (Curve, Uniswap) in Wasm or as a Substrate pallet.
Leading protocol
One of the way to attract liquidity on the blockchain is to build a lending protocol. So, hence we would like to see a lending protocol being built on Pendulum and help lock the liquidity especially the fiat liquidity and also provide safe, secure and sustainable avenues for the fiat token holders to put their fiat tokens to work.
Stable fiat tokens
Pendulum aims to attract a varied basket of fiat tokens. We want teams/ companies that are building transparent, robust, and scalable fiat tokens to bring their tokens to Pendulum or build it on Pendulum itself. Special preference would be given to those that have on/ off ramping to banking world.
Yield optimizer
Yield optimising is all about providing lucrative opportunities to liquidity providers to obtain high APYs on their LP tokens. We have seen and doing phenomenal work on these fronts. Pendulum would like to similar kind of yeild optimizer being built on it which develops innovative high yield earning strategies.
Decentralized custodianship
Managing secret keys is still one of the biggest pains of the world of crypto. Teams that work on solving this UX challenge  in a decentralized, trustless manner are welcome to apply for this grant.
Connecting banks to Pendulum is one of our critical infrastructure need. We want reliable on/off ramps that help us in building this connection with the regional banks.
Money streaming service
Real-world DeFi is Pendulum’s core mission — it should be possible to pay salaries and bills like one would in TradFi to anybody, anywhere on the globe. We want to support a team that is building something like Spritz Finance on Pendulum
Financial support
Footprint in the DotSama ecosystem
Building up your own reputation


  • Eligibility → Eligibility Individuals, universities, companies, etc. Open to all!
  • Requirements → All code must be open source and available on Github. Code should either be written in WebAssembly (”Wasm”) or compiled to Wasm (see e.g. Solang here) and can be implemented either as a pallet or as a smart contract.
  • Tech → Wasm/Substrate
  • Payout → USDC + $AMPE

Application Process


Submit the grant application below. You can keep it short and simple at this stage. Share anything that you find relevant


Your proposal will be reviewed by the Pendulum team.


Once a decision is made, we will get back to you with the status of your application and next steps


Due-diligence review


Milestone plannings and deliverables


Agreement signing

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