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Trust-Minimized Stellar-Polkadot Bridge

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Secure and Stable Asset Linking

Effortlessly bridge Stellar to Polkadot & Kusama Ecosystems

Multichain dApp Building

Build composable dApps span across multiple chains

Asset Maximization

Utilize Spacewalk for increased asset utilization

Top-notch Security

Eliminate hack concerns with top-notch security

Access to DeFi Riches

Trade DeFi with Stellar on DotSama & Stellar using regulated ramp

“Building a trust-minimized, robust, and secure bridge between Stellar and Polkadot has been an inspiring technical challenge. We’re very proud of this milestone in the development of both networks.”

Dr. Torsten Stüber
CTO, Pendulum

"With Spacewalk, we are breaking down the barriers between different blockchain ecosystems, allowing for wider usage of Stellar's stablecoins and fuelling Pendulum's on-chain forex markets. This innovation marks a new era for fiat-connected decentralized finance, and we are proud to lead the charge. “

Alex Wilke
Co-Founder, Pendulum

"Spacewalk is making interoperability a reality, showing a viable path to building trust-minimized asset-transfer bridges that connect blockchain ecosystems"

Tomer Weller,
VP of Product, Stellar Development Foundation

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Technical Launch
(Testnet & Mainnet, Capped)


Pendulum Soft Launch
(Multi-assets & More Vault Operators)


Scaled Rollout
(Increased Asset Coverage & Vault Operators)


Full Rollout

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