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Pendulum Grant Program

Pendulum is an open source blockchain that aims to establish the missing link between fiat and DeFi ecosystem through a fiat-optimized smart contract blockchain.

Amplitude Grant Program

Amplitude is the canary network of Pendulum. Builders can use Amplitude as testing ground for dApps with real financial consequences. Amplitude is connected to Kusama, Pendulum to be connected to Polkadot.

Why apply for a grant from Pendulum and Amplitude?

Financial support

Get funded to build AMMs, lending protocols, stable fiat tokens, yield optimizers, on/off ramps, Wasm forks and more

Footprint in the DotSama ecosystem

Leverage the benefits of building on Amplitude’s Kusama parachain and Pendulum when it becomes a Polkadot parachain 

Marketing & tech support 

Grow your network with introductions to partners in the Pendulum & Amplitude ecosystem and leverage our community reach

Our Technology

Pendulum is built with Substrate and will allow for the connection of DeFi applications to the forex market. Amplitude will be the canary network of its sister blockchain, Pendulum. Builders can use Amplitude as a testing ground for dApps with real financial consequences. Anyone can apply for a grant including individuals, companies, governments, universities, etc.

Questions about our technology?

Reach out to our tech team directly on our tech Discord channel.

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